What Is Impotence In A Man

An often asked question, and one that strikes fear into the heart of nearly all men is: am I going to suffer from impotence? For men who’ve already answered this question with an affirmative, the next question they often ask is: what can I do about it.

For both of these questions, the obvious answer should be to see your doctor, as impotence can often be a sign of other, undiagnosed medical issues. Many men, however are afraid to admit to anyone, even a medical professional that they are suffering from impotence, or erectile dysfunction.

For the purposes of this article, a discussion of what impotence is not is in order, to start things off. Impotence is not a matter of size, or of your ability to please your sexual partner. Those are both issues which men often have questions about, but they’re beyond the scope of this posting. What is going to be discussed here today, is impotence at its most basic form, the inability to get, or to maintain an erect penis.

First, the issue of temporary mental and/or physical issues should be discussed. Oftentimes, when we place a great deal of pressure on ourselves to perform in the bedroom, we end up with a backfire effect. Simply put, you can get too excited, or too overanxious to get or maintain an erection. The cure for this type of temporary erectile dysfunction is quite simple: calm down and relax. Stop focusing so much on the act, and instead think about enjoying yourself. Better yet, think about anything but the sex act itself. Very frequently, you’ll find that thinking about sports, or animals, or even balloons in the park will solve your temporary impotency issue, and fairly quickly.

But, what about more long term impotence issues that men suffer? Your medical practitioner is the best person to consult directly with you on that regard, but remember, there are a wide variety of solutions available that go far beyond the options that were available twenty, or even ten years ago.

Medical science is making breakthroughs every day, and a large number of those breakthroughs are focused on an ever aging population. That’s right: most men who are struggling with impotency are suffering because they’re aging. The simplest solution for men who are aging is supplemental drugs or natural herbs and additives that are available to help you with your ED.

For younger men, drugs are not very often a long term solution, and more psychiatric solutions must be sought. Sit down with a therapist, and discuss with them what could be the issue that’s causing your impotency. Very often, its a change in your exercise routine, or a simple swap in your diet that can bring your impotency problem “springing back” to life.

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